• Gooch - SB

    Jason Gooch, Board President

    Iola Alumni, Class of 1990

    Mr. Gooch is a banker and he has served on the Iola ISD Board of Trustees since 2001.

    "I serve on the Board of Trustees of Iola ISD to be involved with the children's educational experience and give back to the district that was the foundation of my education." - Jason Gooch


    Term: November 2020-May 2024


  •  Red Evans

    Jody "Red" Evans, Board Member

    Iola Alumni


    Term: May 2022 - May 2026

  •  Harvey - School Board

    Mrs. Tammy Harvey, Board Secretary

    Iola Alumni, Class of 1984

    Mrs. Harvey is a business owner and has served on the Iola ISD Board of Trustees since 2008.

    "I had a concern for the vision and value of our school and community.  I want us as a board to provide our students with the best possible education and offer outstanding educational programs." - Tammy Harvey


    Term: November 2020-May 2024

  • Alec Pointer, Board Vice-President


    Term: November 2022 - May 2026

  • Mark Cunningham, Board Member


    Term: November 2020-May 2024

  •  Todd Kay, Board Member

    Term: May 2022 - May 2026


  • Sierra Betancourt, Board Member


    Iola Alumni, Class of 2005

    Term: May 2022 - May 2026