Iola ISD is dedicating several professional development days to Schoology training for teachers, teacher's aides, and administrators so everyone is as prepared as possible at the start of the school year with our new LMS. Teachers will continue to create, learn basic features, and ensure they are ready to move to remote learning at any moment. While Schoology experts provide much of the training, our staff is full of knowledgable and dedicated teachers that have already started "training" on their own, building their Schoology classes, and creating assignments. THIS is what makes Iola great!

    Additionally, administrators will endure hours of training to understand the teacher perspective, while learning how to navigate the system so they are able to monitor student progress, review lessons, and help throughout the training process of students and teachers.

    While we understand it may be difficult to transition from the middle-solution of Google Classroom, Schoology offers a transfer of materials during implementation so our teachers that have created amazing assignments in the past can still use those assignments. Again, we want to ensure our families and teachers have what they need to be successful.