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Kids Heart Challenge

Iola Elementary Parents – The American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge program is about to begin. This program is a great opportunity for your students to learn, serve, and make a difference in fighting our nation’s #1 health crisis – Heart Disease and Stroke.

We have some especially EXCITING NEWS: This year’s national KHC Heart Survivor Ambassador is right from Houston, TX – Meet Alexa!


Watch the Kids Heart Challenge - Coming Soon Video to learn more!

  • Your kids will learn from 6 Heart Heroes: the importance of moving more, adding color to their plates, staying away from tobacco – and this year, being ready, being kind and helping others.
  • Your kids will get to raise awareness and funds for the American Heart Association. How? By sharing what they are learning with the people who support them the most – either face-to-face or using technology tools like emails and social media.
  • Your kids will earn rewards: the more they do, the more they will receive.
  • Pro-Tip: download the app Kids Heart Challenge, or go to to sign-up at our school and receive a wristband with a leadership message on kick-off day!


BEFORE KICK-OFF CHALLENGE: Anyone who gets their first donation BEFORE the kick-off will go into a drawing to win a prize on kick-off day!


BONUS:  When we reach our goal to raise $10,000 toward the fight against heart disease, we will earn $1,050 in resources for our gym! Also, any student who raises $150 will get to SLIME Coach Westbrook & Coach Bowman!!!


   Kids Heart Challenge Kids Heart Challenge

MATCHING GIFTS: Want to double your donation dollars? Find out if your company offers matching gifts at


Conversation Prompt: When your kids come home with their KHC materials – ask them which challenge they want to take (be prepared, be active, or be kind) and discuss the benefits of each. Also discuss how heart disease and stroke effect your family and how you can work together to prevent it.


Great News – as of Sept 1st no one will be able to purchase tobacco products until they are 21 years old. This will prevent thousands of high school students from starting the habit and curb the high school and middle school vaping epidemic that grew 78% last school year. This legislation was sponsored by the American Heart Association with funds raised by this program! Thank you!