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Secondary Pick Up & Returns

High School Students and Parents:

Just a reminder that next week we will allow students to come to school to pick up their personal belongings, pictures, and return school issued items (textbooks, library books, Chromebooks, Hotspots, school owned band instruments, etc.). In order to cut down on the number of people at the school at one time, please adhere to the following schedule. If you have children in multiple grade levels, you may collect all the items at one time. You do not have to make multiple trips to the school. 

The times for each day will be 8am - 11am and 4pm - 6pm.  

Monday, May 25th:  Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26th: 7th grade and 12th grade

Wednesday, May 27th: 8th grade and 10th grade

Thursday, May 28th: 9th grade and 11th grade 

Friday, May 29th: Anyone that could not make it on their scheduled day.

Please note the following guidelines that we must follow as per guidance from TEA in order to allow student/visitor access:

No more than 5 people will be allowed in the building at one time. If a line forms at the front doors remain in your car until the line goes down if possible. 

Follow social distancing guidelines and adhere to the markings in order to keep the 6' spacing.

If you have a face mask, please wear one!

We will be asking you screening questions prior to allowing you into the building. Please do not come if you are high-risk, having symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

We would prefer that ONLY the student enter the building, unless they need assistance then we would allow only 1 parent in to assist.

If you live with someone who is high-risk or the student is high-risk please contact your administrator to set up a separate visit time.

Brian R. Fowler
Secondary Principal
Iola Independent School District